Rehabilitation of Disabled

PRASDO is taking initiatives for Social, Economic, Physical and Psychological reintegration of Disabled People including landmine victims and marginalized people for making them useful members of the society 

The rehabilitation mainly consists of two main components:
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Economic Rehabilitation 
Physical Rehabilitation:
The physical rehabilitation services include provision of Prosthetic limbs/devices and psychological and social support

Provision of Prosthetic Limbs/Devices:

The physical rehabilitative services of PRASDO will provide devices that are safe, durable and can be maintained and repaired locally. Normally, an amputee first artificial limb is transitional and may not fit properly within months. Thus PRASDO ensures the availability of
long-term services for necessary adjustments or replacement. Pre-and-post-prosthetic shall also be provided to the disabled.

PRASDO is keen to establish its own workshop in KPK. This works shop will manufacture the prosthetic limbs and Orthieses for the disabled and landmine survivors on humanitarian basis. 

Psychological & Social Support Services:

PRASDO will provide community based psychological and social support services disabled and landmine victims and their families through Community Based Support Groups in order to provide culturally appropriate support. The families of landmine victims play a crucial role in recovery, and will be educated and supported to care for injured family members. Survivors who have progressed in their rehabilitation and reintegration into society are well suited to provide peer support.

Economic Support:

PRASDO will provide economic support to disabled people through micro finance, vocational and technical training thus ensuring sustainable development