Volunteers are Welcome

Volunteerism has the power to promote peace, harmony and development not only in Pakistan but around the world. Let us recognize the power of volunteerism which can augment peace and harmony in the world.PRASDO is pleased to engage Volunteers in its campaigns and activities. Volunteerism based on common concern for the welfare of the whole community is a noble endeavour and all those engaged in it deserve to be commended for their selflessness. Although it has not been given due attention in the past, PRASDO is keen to involve organizations and individuals for keeping the Espirit of volunteerism alive and will continue to pursue this noble cause. PRASDO wishes to address this neglect of the past and intends to engage every segment of the society regardless of caste and creed, support communities and inculcate a spirit of self help. PRASDO would also like to pay tribute to the unsung millions of volunteers all over the world who, volunteer themselves to help build a peaceful and better world.

Volunteer Membership Form.docx

Please send the completed form to iprasdo@gmail.com